What is AMD Ryzen?

This is the post excerpt.


For most of the previous years, the only option for serious gamers has been Intel. AMD’s chips lagged far behind not being competitive, to the point where the only question to be asked about desktop processors was i5 or i7. But since the 2016 Q3 AMD announced to release new competitive CPU.


WHAT MAKES RYZEN SO SPECIAL? Well cause it outperforms all similarly configured Intel processors almost by 10 % and COST LESS ! It just really mind-blowing thing! More details were released on February 22th where in conference were announced that AMD officially will start selling these ‘bad boys’ on March 2nd.


Let`s take a closer look what at these chips. So there is model 1700, 1700x and 1800x. All of them are 8 core and and 16 threads, all of them unlocked. R7 1700 will have a base lock of 3.0 GHz and boost of 3.7 GHz. Need to mention that it has 4 more core and 8 more threads than i7 7700K. So it outperform  7700K with cinebench by +46% and cost ~20 dollar less, depends on where you buy.

The following is R7 1700X that has base of 3.4GHz and boost of 3.8GHz. And also overbeat same structure i7 6800K by +39% cinebench. Price is also about ~20 bucks less. 

And the last but not least R7 1800X, which is actually a beast. It has 3.6GHz and up to 4.0GHz boost.


So in cinebench single thread applications it works same as i7 6900K and in multicore cinebench applications 1800X runs +9% faster. HOLY SHIT! It costs half the price of i7 6900K. So in conclusion, AMD will bring confusion to Intel market and that`s GOOD, because it will lead to lowering prices and finding ways for creating more efficient and better CPU`s. Thank you for reading my short review on AMD Ryzen. If you like to see more info, more benchmarks and gaming comparisons I suggest to check this full AMD presentation video: goo.gl/ERf2W4